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User Info: Rhalius

4 weeks ago#1
Seems like everything can happen for MK12. What would you do with that?

Personally, I'd go with an expanded version of the first MK movie. Following those events, but with a larger cast and not limited by budget. Kind of like an ultimate edition of that movie. A few twists to the story too, mostly due to the presence of a larger cast and there being room for Scorpion and Sub-Zero's rivalry.

The stages would be locations from the movies. Scorpion's lair, the circle at the beach surrounded by palm trees, Goro's lair, the ring Goro fights in, the Outworld palace with spike fatality if you move the fight upstairs and finish off the opponent with an uppercut, the forest Scorpion was fought in, the netherrealm ship, etc.

The roster would of course include everyone who is there on the island, all appearing as they did in the movie. (Goro a bit more pronounced of course since he's not an animatronic now.)

1 Liu Kang
2 Johnny Cage
3 Sonya Blade
4 Raiden
5 Shang Tsung
6 Kano
7 Goro
8 Scorpion
9 Sub-Zero (Bi-Han)
10 Human Reptile
11 Kitana
12 Goro

Next would be established MK characters who fit there with the timeline.

13 Kung Lao (Also representing White Lotus.)
14 Sektor (Human form, also with Lin Kuei fighting for outworld.)
15 Cyrax (Human form, also fighting with Lin Kuei fighting for outworld.)
16 Jade (reluctantly fighting for outworld like Kitana.)
17 Mileena (Poses as Kitana in fights, when Kitana proves to be unwilling to fight for real.)
18 Rain (Meant to persuade Kitana and Jade that serving outworld is the way to go.)
19 Kai (Also representing White Lotus, they send a proper delegation for this final Mortal Kombat.)
20.Nitara. (An outworld kombatant.)
21.Night Wolf. (Fights for earthrealm.)
22: Baraka (fights for outworld.)

And then would be newcomers:

23. Art Lean. (He's a purely human martial artist as in the movie, his special moves focus on grapples for Karate and Judo.)
24. The roaring guy. (Also in the movie, he'd become a full fledged new character with a bit of a lion theme. He can roar to buff himself and weaken the opponent, can grow claws for swipe attacks and has a bo staff for some weapon attacks. Turns into a lion for a fatality.)
25. New female Lin Kuei. (This one could be reluctantly fighting for outworld and has unique powers not based on anyone else. She's chinese, has an Orange ninja outfit, long loose black hair with one orange streak in it and she wields a unique shadowblade, an evil sword of which she is the guardian and has the will strong enough to resist it's temptations.

Pre order:
26: Ermac.

DLC would be those who'd be less likely to appear and may be a bit different than normal:
27: Kenshi with sight. Bit more focus on swordsmanship and less on telekinetics.
28: Fujin. (To help Raiden in this crucial moment.)
29: Sindel (supposedly still dead after all.)
30: Jax with arms. (Like he was in his first appearance.)
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User Info: Pootbird

4 weeks ago#3
Human Frost bois
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User Info: corrrayyyy

4 weeks ago#4
I would make mk12 pre the first tournament. It would start off with a short slideshow esque story (kind of like the endings of towers for characters) telling the story of how Shao Kahn killed Onaga and claimed outworld for himself. The first half of the game would center around the 10th tournament held in Edenia just before Shao Kahn conquored it. Focusing on King Jerrods champions, Sindel, and other warriors coming from earth realm and the dream realm to help train the losing Edenians in an attempt to prolong their own native realms being conquered. The second half of the game would focus on Shang tsung and Goro and the end of earth realms tournament with the great Kung Lao defeating Goro. The characters from the dream realm whom aided Edenia would defect to earth realm to help train warriors (Lao included) and would touch upon forming the white lotus. All the elemental God's of earth realm would be featured(Raiden before he relinquished his title to fight along side the mortals/leading up to his decision to defend from elder god). Jade's parents would be shown to be on the side of King Jerrod/Sindel whilst Tanya's family would be shown to have secretly harbored a hatred for the Edenian Royal family, giving information to the outworld forces so they would win, offering them a higher position of power in Shao Kahns court in outworld(however plot twist I'd use Sindel's retconned story from Mk11 where she would do anything to remain in power, but without making her completely bad. Severly tempted to spare her and her own daughters life, she eventually accept the Kahns offer, offering her husband's life in place of her and Kitanas. Also once brought back to outworld Shao Kahn would have her partake in a marriage/dark magic ritual uniting them for eternity. Performed by Shang Tsung, this leads to the Sindel becoming the evil empress of Shao Kahn and also carrying his child, which would be Kitana's half brother and true heir to outworld). Something like that. Idk I think it would be cool to have a tournament focused game again, that shows us what happened pre Liu Kang tourny.
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User Info: Thousandlegs01

4 weeks ago#5
I’d make the story mode like shaolin monks but starting at mk mythology ending at mk3 but with the first section you play as sub zero (bi Han obs) which would kinda acting Like the tutorial then once it gets to the first tournament you can pick a characters story
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User Info: BBoy2020

4 weeks ago#6
Thousandlegs01 posted...
I’d make the story mode like shaolin monks but starting at mk mythology ending at mk3 but with the first section you play as sub zero (bi Han obs) which would kinda acting Like the tutorial then once it gets to the first tournament you can pick a characters story

Every character having their own individual story mode would be wonderful.

TC is the only person I can think of that would put the black guy that fought LK in a video game. Had to run with a whole lion theme to make him viable lol.

User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 weeks ago#7
MK Origins.

Start off fresh. Complete reboot. I'll take a major hit because many of the fan favorites won't return. Cassie, Sonya, Cage, Especially Scorpion, unless it's DLC.

It'll be about it's origins and more of a horror theme than being techie, exploring other realms, atleast a good 15, some of the characters will come in pairs, representing their realms (if not a bit more), Earth in the year 1632 being one of them.

Characters like Shao Kahn, Jerrod, Sindel, Onaga, Havik, Hotaru, OG Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, Erron Black, Skarlet, a Cryomancer, an Enenra, Shokans, Unknown Monsters, pretty much a mix of aliens. Darker and a more menacing soundtrack, we'll be getting that MK1 and MK2 feeling again.
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User Info: Death_Effect

4 weeks ago#8
I'd start off the new timeline as a reboot of the first tournament, and release a few spinoffs with it to build the new backstory.

The spinoffs would follow as.

(Mortal Kombat Invasion)

An RPG type game set during the Edenian invasion where the player gets to play as Shao Kahn, Reiko, Baraka, Shang Tsung, and Kintaro during different stages of the invasion.

Then I'd remake Mythologies with Sub-Zero, and Raiden as playable characters and include Shinnok, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Sareena, and Fujin.

MK1 would be held on Shang's Island with the main plot from the original game being in tact.


Shang Tsung
Liu Kang
Sonya Blade
Johnny Cage
Kabal (Pre Burned)
Sektor (Pre Cyber)
Cyrax (Pre Cyber)
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User Info: CLupula

4 weeks ago#9
A reboot is stupid. I'd continue the story but say that Liu Kang tried to create a perfect timeline over and over again but failed. The only real consequences of his actions are that some characters that were dead are not (Mileena, Kano) and some that were alive before aren't (Jax). Oh, and his manipulations of the timeline have allowed Onaga to awaken. Meanwhile, the story would move on. I would stay as far away from the awful awful movies as possible.

The fact is that MK9 was the perfect reboot of the series and you aren't going to ever be able to do it better. Period. Point blank. The end. You might as well try to redo the Mona Lisa, with fingerpaints.

So, the story should move on, but mention the time manipulation and have some sort of negative consequences of it having to do with the last boss (who I believe should be Onaga).

User Info: Crimson_Alias

4 weeks ago#10
Player_10 posted...
Ed Boon gets fired, and Steve Beran is never hired.

Not just them though. The entire NRS/WB needs a complete cleaning. At this point I think firing a couple dozen people here and there would be good for the company. They especially need to take a close look at the entire QA department as well as the entire marketing department of NRS/WB, and also the entire group of people responsible for the story in MK11. The entire development of Mortal Kombat 11 was messed up by greedy and/or incompetent people, rushed development, people trying to pander to E-Sports, SJW political agenda pandering, mobile game design, free-to-play game design, people that don't understand the world of Mortal Kombat, trying to make the game "realistic" in some aspects, using a time travel story arc complete with alternate timelines, and broken promises.

Not only do they need to do a complete cleaning of NRS/WB, but from now on NRS games should have no less than 3 years of development time. That should be the minimum. 2 years of development time is not enough for a game like this. One of the things that led to MK11 turning out to be a mess is that the devs did not allow themselves enough development time for the game. From now on any NRS game should not be allowed to be released until it has spent at least 3 years in active development. And also, f*** E-Sports. There are already enough games that pander to the E-Sports crowd. Bring the fun back into Mortal Kombat. Forget about this E-Sports nonsense.

Ultimately I'm disappointed in Boon for allowing MK11 to be mired by greed, rushed development, trying to pander to E-Sports, and shoehorning mobile and/or free-to-play game designs into the game.

I also think that if the next instalment is another reboot (which it probably will be considering they painted themselves into a corner with MK11's dumbass ending) then they should only be allowed this one reboot for the next 10 years. I'm tired of them constantly rebooting the series. The story will never get anywhere if they keep rebooting. And also the next game should be built from the ground up as a tag team game, like Tekken Tag Tournament 2. That will help make up for the fact that fans of Tag Team mode have been waiting for over 8 years now for Tag Mode to return. They could have Tag Team Fatalities as the new "-ality". Characters could have tag throws together, as well as tag intros and tag win poses, and maybe even tag super moves (X-Ray Attack/Fatal Blow.)

They also need to cut back on the guest characters. If the game can't sell itself on its own in-universe characters then maybe it's time to put the series to rest.
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