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  3. So we got Nightwolf & Sindel coming, who r u hoping to see the most?

User Info: Jimbowesker

1 week ago#1
Ok, so Nightwolf and Shang Tsung have been given to us several months after release. So far we can bet Sindel and at least the guest appearance of Spawn is most likely a guarantee. Are there any classic characters from Mortal Kombat's past or lore you were hoping to be added to the roster? Me, personally, would love if they would bring Goro, Quan Chi & Reptile back. I would also love to see the Animality & Stage Fatalities make a return. Regardless, this is the best Mortal Kombat has ever been in my opinion!

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

1 week ago#2
Black Chapters

User Info: bnmp

1 week ago#3
Honestly, as far as the MK characters go, I really couldn't ask for better picks. Can't wait to see Sindel.

User Info: PrimalElz

1 week ago#4
Reptile or Smoke.
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User Info: BBoy2020

1 week ago#5
I'm still hoping Smoke gets added in as an Enenra redesign, maybe even a cyber version in an exclusive skin pack or something.

I hope they go balls out and bring back Animalities as well. The Brutalities are great, but I want fully animated Animalities.

User Info: XDarkLordX

1 week ago#6

Never had much interest in Nightwolf.

Aside from that, I'd like to see Rain, Mileena, and Tanya. Smoke and Reptile would be cool, too.

I always have a faint glimmer of hope for Nitara and Sareena.
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User Info: gothic7980

1 week ago#7
id like to see Li Mei, Fujin, and Havik make it but who knows

User Info: Zerodegreez

1 week ago#8
Sareena. But yeah, that's Never happening. So I'm looking forward to Spawn. Human Smoke would be my next choice.
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User Info: hawkinsteiner

1 week ago#9
The Terminator

User Info: Redfield5289

1 week ago#10
Sareena and Smoke with a MK9 skin.
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  3. So we got Nightwolf & Sindel coming, who r u hoping to see the most?