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  3. How NRS could revive the Jade-Tanya rivalry

User Info: Mage_Lord

1 month ago#1
Since Tanya is no longer the biggest traitor in the series (thanks D'Vorah and Sindel) they can revamp the rivalry by going the Rebel vs Authority angle.

Jade can be the royal guard dedicated to maintaining law & order and Tanya could be the militant pro-edenian freedom fighter who cause trouble. They both love Edenia, but they have opposing views on how save and govern their realm. Basically, the new version of Hotaru vs Darrius.

Could you imagine Tanya having intros with Jade screaming "What about Edenian reparations?"
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User Info: RisenWarrior

1 month ago#2
I actually LOVEEEEE this idea.
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User Info: Bassua

1 month ago#3
I wouldn't be mad at it. I'm always for more Tanya, and that's an interesting idea.
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User Info: HaiTian

1 month ago#4
ok, skarlet want Jade's blood, Tanya want Jade's death. NRS maybe bring Tanya and Jade rival back in next Mortal Kombat 12.

maybe need a Mortal Kombat deception remade?
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User Info: Pootbird

1 month ago#5
I just want Tanya back, she’s a babe


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  3. How NRS could revive the Jade-Tanya rivalry
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