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  3. Does T-bagging offend you?

User Info: solid_kush

1 week ago#1
T-bag make you salty? - Results (212 votes)
20.75% (44 votes)
55.66% (118 votes)
16.98% (36 votes)
Only when I lose.
6.6% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I forget how mad people get when I t-bag mid match. It’s hilarious hearing people get all worked up over a freakin animation in a fighting game.


Best part is when they scramble to turn on their mics to yell their salty tears out at me.
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User Info: Pootbird

1 week ago#2
It’s a scummy thing to do

Typically I find it’s some braindead top tier user doing it

They also scramble to run away after they’ve done so
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User Info: ziltama

1 week ago#3
Who cares.

Besides, Mercy motion is teabagging, as well as some fatalities (Noob, Erron).
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User Info: roiwa2

1 week ago#5
<3 salty balls
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User Info: somnambulist07

1 week ago#6
Not offended but I find it obnoxious and unnecessary. It just exposes their own scrub mindset though in a way especially if they are doing it because the other player was zoning.

User Info: icelos

1 week ago#7
No. I get it a lot and got used to it
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User Info: fasjab

1 week ago#8
Only when it doesn't connect to a fatality (some of those triple down Fatality set ups looks like teabagging) & the person ups & leaves immediately after.
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User Info: Clone-Matsumoto

1 week ago#9
when i trying perform mercy, i sometime fudje up and teabagging by accident

User Info: pizzacat83

1 week ago#10
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