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1 month ago#1
I’m not totally done with the krypt yet. I got get the Amulet in the woods, Centrion’s head and also get the heart of blaze.

However I’m at 1.5 mil Koins and nothing to really spend it on. I haven’t opened all the souls yet, I’d say I’m about half done with those. If I reset the krypt, will it impact anything specific negatively? I would just rather not have all these coins and nothing to spend them on(wish they had a currency transfer system in place) .

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User Info: mkfighter

1 month ago#2
I heard that if you use Kronika's time machine, not only will opened chests be reset, but also the soul chests. I would wait until you've completely wiped out the Krypt before resetting anything.

I'm not 100% certain though.

User Info: ziltama

1 month ago#3
1.5 million is unfortunately tiny compared to how much you would need to spend on the Shrine to empty it out. Also, 1.5 million wouldn’t even cover a full reset of the krypt, including all 60 plus hidden chests.
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