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  3. How does NRS determine who has the higher win percentage?

User Info: future_nba_star

1 month ago#1
I was playing casual and I matched up with someone who was around 500/200 with a 42% chance to beat me. Killer thing is, I’m only 380/280 and they give me a 58% advantage lol. He picked Geras and mopped me 3 matches in a row.

Next search, they match me up with some other guy and they gave him a 60% advantage and I mopped him lol with ease!!

Now, my question is, what determines this? Lol just randomness?

User Info: Legato-and-Vash

1 month ago#2
I think profile level and win ratio.
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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

1 month ago#3
I’m like, 160-158 and fought a guy who was 400-300 or something and somehow I had a 60% win ratio.
Pretty whack
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User Info: haimara

1 month ago#4
some hidden 'ranking' system i think. bc it's not just numbers as i've had ppl with so close to the exact same record & one of us will have like 70% or more sometimes, sometimes it's just 51 or 52

i think the more you beat the odds & win, some invisible number goes up

User Info: JAWNiEGO

1 month ago#5
Based on the people you've beaten.

Win percentage is trash tho
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User Info: TG_Wolf

1 month ago#6
Headless chicken and a Spinning wheel.
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User Info: Orator1

1 month ago#7
Its based on the match pairing system as professional chess, which takes different things into account which i hate because it is still unbalanced by the sheer number of matches a person plays.

A person can play 5 matches go 5-0 and have 80 to 90 win percentage against someone who is 100-70.

Its crazy

User Info: future_nba_star

1 month ago#8
Ok ok. I see. Thanks guys!
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