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User Info: animewatcher97

1 month ago#11
I'm gonna be different and say MKX... for a different reason than what most people will think though. As a blind MK player, 11's krypt is quite literally impossible to play. In X, at least we had straightforward navigation and normal coordinates, and could follow a guide. In this one? ......

User Info: AdamVoorhees

1 month ago#12
MK11 is the most fun I've had in the Krypt.

Coincidentally it is the one without s*** flying at my face every like three minutes or so...well I haven't found the blindfold yet or died from a deathtrap etc.

I did clear all of the MK9 krypt and did a small portion of the MKX one.

User Info: RchHomieQuanChi

1 month ago#13
MK11. Despite the grind, it's a lot more fun to explore.

MKX was annoying with the stupid ass jumpscares. At least in MK11, you basically have control over when they happen.
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User Info: Black-Isz

1 month ago#14
Blue-Lemon-Z posted...
3D era for me. Simple, and to the point.

Can't help but to think MK11 wasted time and money developing such an irksome mode.

Same here. Just give me a damn store. IDGAF about playing a walking simulator full of puzzles and mazes and s***.

User Info: sonofkorol

1 month ago#15
Whohiredthisguy posted...
MK11 if you take away the RNG Bulls***
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

1 month ago#16
MK9 for me.
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User Info: FrancisManancis

1 month ago#17
3D Era.

User Info: JonnyBoyFF

1 month ago#18
I would say 11 if I can separate the grinding aspect from the actual exploration.
So I guess MKX. I do enjoy actually exploring and solving puzzles in the krypt.
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User Info: kkTheKiller42

1 month ago#19
Mk11 is best but i just want my items.
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User Info: TheRob

1 month ago#20
IWasLeft2Die posted...
If it was less grindy and a bit less random I'd say 11

This. I like it overall, but they definitely rely too much on randomness. For consumables, I get it, but I really hate random gear and skins.

MKX's was kind of cool too, like an old dungeon crawler, but it was a bit too slow.
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