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  3. "In the Krypt" gear that is probably not in the krypt

User Info: feenixsilva

1 month ago#1
I think I am just about finished with the krypt - I no longer get gear from anywhere any more, and have almost all gear pieces that say they are in the krypt, but there are still around 30 that have just never shown up. Still see quite a lot of posts from people looking for gear which is on this list, so thought would share as I suspect these are not in the krypt at all. Will continue to use koins in there on the off chance (have no other use for it), but in case it helps anyone else...

Shao Kahn - Wanton Violence
Johnny Cage - Ribbons Of Glory
Sonya - Kombat Veteran
Sonya - Squad Leader
Sonya - Total War
Cassie - Cool Refelctors
Jax - Koblat Slade
Jax - Above & Beyond
Jax - Anarchymaker
Scorpion - Tachijutsu Master
Scorpion - Path Of Fire
Noob - Klassic Noob Saibot
Noob - Nightmare Of Yangui
Baraka - Wu Shi Temple Pillagers
Baraka - Dragon Mountain Flag
Raiden - Lightning Deity
Sub Zero - Cryomancers Calling
Sub Zero - Dong Dashan Assassin (reported as being in his ToT Tower)
Sub Zero - Grandmaster Icy Mask
Sub Zero - Sub Zero Reborn (reported as being in his ToT Tower)
Sub Zero - Death By Whiteout
Kano - Bed Burner
Kano - Klassic Kano Prime
Kano - Me Knife
Kabal - Klassic Kabal
Liu Kang - Kombatant Supreme
Liu Kang - Heavens Flames
Kitana - Kitanas Imperial Visage
Kitana - Handmaid Of Delia
Kung Lao - Protector Of Light
Jade - Onaga Hunter
Kollector - Dying Of The Light

Will update if I do manage to find any

User Info: bnmp

1 month ago#2
Good to know, thanks.

User Info: CheaterMcCheat

1 month ago#3
I've been looking for Baraka's Wu Shi Temple Pillagers

User Info: trainstobrazil

1 month ago#4
Kitanas imperial visage was from story mode .. not the Krypt

User Info: feenixsilva

1 month ago#5
odd... obv i have completed story mode but dont have it... and game says it is in krypt which must also be wrong

User Info: parasite2012

1 month ago#6
Don't you get a skin from finding Reptile and hitting him with the hammer?

User Info: TG_Wolf

1 month ago#7
I have at least some of these from the Krypt.
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User Info: NeclordX

1 month ago#8
I thought if you emptied the krypt you got all the krpypt ítems. Isn't that the case?

User Info: Remy_Dover

1 month ago#9
I've been looking for Scorpion - Path of Fire and have emptied the krypt. I'm doing the shrine now but was debating if I should refresh chest.
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User Info: Benlo

1 month ago#10
Someone knows where to find Jade - New Emerald skin (green and grey) ?

Supposed to be in the krypt, probably with the shrine, but I already have given millions of gold coins and nothing... Looks like it will be the last skin I'll obtain in that krypt...
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  3. "In the Krypt" gear that is probably not in the krypt
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