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User Info: KnucklesIX

4 weeks ago#31
ArgoSexyMan posted...
LTG rage comps are some of the funniest s*** to watch. This reminds me I have to watch the MK videos


User Info: MrBonestripper

4 weeks ago#32
LTG has videos of him on Youtube whining about his bans from Twitch time and time again.

Call now for the "Best of DSP" Collection! Hear such hits as:
"I couldn't block"
"My moves won't come out"
"This is so laggy"
"I lost to bulls***"
"I'm blocking"
"This game sucks online"

How much would you pay? Wait!!! Don't answer! Call in the next ten minutes to get the new LTG Greatest collection featuring:

"Git dat ass banned"
"Git the f*** off my stream you worthless specimen"
"Git dat ass timed"

Call now. Operators are standing by. Must be 18 to order.
"Good news, soldier. Your leg only got a scratch. Bad news is your leg is over there." Col. Archibald Barisol, 1968

User Info: Zerocide

4 weeks ago#33
There was that one video that was up where someone trolled him and had pizza delivered to his house lmao.
"You woke the dragon!" - Liu Kang

User Info: thetraveler

4 weeks ago#34
Pootbird posted...
Get that ass banned

On warned status, send help

Oh, its THAT guy. f*** him.
I'd like to name this new style sheet "The Homer", after his failed attempt at designing a car.
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