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any info on the flaming chests?

From Reddit:


"Compiling the information that i have found or seen others post in regards to the Flame Chests or Scorpion Chests in the Krypt. At this point, the only Flame Chest that I haven't seen documented is the chest in Lower Courtyard, which appears to be inaccesible until the puzzle involving slots in 3 wheels is solved.

About Flame Chests

Flame Chests are a type of chest found in The Krypt. Before you can open one, you need to locate a nearby lantern and destroy it using Scorpion's Spear. Once the lantern is destroyed, the chest can be opened at a cost of 100 hearts. The location and contents for these chests are not randomised and will be the same for everyone.

The List

The Dead Woods (7111, -3899) - Contains items for Jax, Jacqui and Cassie


Gardens (2529, 3687) - Contains items for Geras, Cetrion and Frost


Lower Courtyard (-6592, -5103) - Currently unknown. Will update when possible.

The Courtyard (-1841, -7738) - Contains items for Baraka, Shao Kahn and Kollector. The lantern for this chest is hanging from the Sub-Zero statue on the Warrior Shrine, but can only be seen while wearing Kenshi's Blindfold.


Goro's Lair (2634, -8226) - Contains items for Kano, Kabal and Erron Black. Located beyond a series of fire traps, behind the door that requires the items of One Being.


Goro's Lair (-3000, -5876) - Contains items for Jade, Skarlet and D'vorah. Located in the hallway leading to The Armory. (Credit to u/Vonbrandt)


Goro's Dining Hall (-795, -120) - Contains items for Kotal Kahn, Erron Black and Jade (Credit to u/Issabop)


The Torture Halls (3531, 3473) - Contains items for Kitana, Jax and Liu Kang. This is the hallway with blade traps, connected to Goro's Dining Hall.


Goro's Fortress (9483, 3728) - Contains items for Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Raiden, Sonya, Sub-Zero and Scorpion


Kytinn Hive (4310, 10503) - Contains items for Johnny Cage, Sonya and Cassie (Credit to u/darkjester117)


Lower Pit (-8948, -3352) - Contains items for Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob


and that's it. If I've missed a chest or got the contents wrong, feel free to leave a comment. I may create a map to the locations if there is enough interest. I have not been able to explore the Kytinn Hive area beyond the Dragon Amulet door, or the area at the very north of The Courtyward, so there may potentially be more Flame Chests there.

P.S. I spent too much time checking the content of the post, and not enough time checking the title -_-"