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User Info: tadmfpole

4 months ago#21
Thank you! These are the kind of threads that we should be seeing on release night!

User Info: GrandMast3r

4 months ago#22
Thanks TC, sticky request.

User Info: Save_The_World

4 months ago#23
Pootbird posted...
It begins

It has begun*

User Info: vampiro1

4 months ago#24
Big thanks Tc

User Info: Amon91

4 months ago#25
Any stage fatalities?

User Info: DoctorLeroy

4 months ago#26
What about brutalities and such?

User Info: wombat013

4 months ago#27
lol at all these "the official whomever"
No one cares about your computer specs or what game you're currently playing.
And you're not the official whomever of a game board.

User Info: Rock_Howard87

4 months ago#28
Sticky requested
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User Info: Alpha218

4 months ago#29
Rock_Howard87 posted...
Sticky requested

It’s already a sticky, that’s why this thread is at the top of the topic list
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User Info: Cassie_Cage

4 months ago#30
Hey @drewrman is there any way you can edit the post to have the actual buttons with each fatality alongside the numbers? I always forget the number approximation and it kinda f***s me every time. It’s my fault, I know.
Official Cassie Cage of the Mortal Kombat 11 Boards
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