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User Info: drewrman

4 months ago#1
[If you find any mistakes, feel free to post them here.]

Food For Thought (Close): B, D, B, 2
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close): B, F, B, 3

Cassie Cage:
I <3 U (Mid): D, D, F, 4
#GirlPower (Far): B, D, D, B, 2

Maintaining Balance (Mid): B, D, F, D, 4
Good And Evil (Mid): B, D, B, 3

New Species (Close): B, F, B, 3
Can‘t Die (Mid): B, D, D, 4

Erron Black:
Melted (Mid): D, D, D, 1
Death Trap (Mid): D, F, D, 2

Ice Sculpture (Close): F, B, D, 1
The Cyber Initiative (Mid): B, F, D, F, 4

Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): B, D, D, 3
Peeling Back (Close): D, F, B, 1

Jacqui Briggs:
Spider Mines (Mid): F, B, F, 3
Nothin' But Neck (Mid): B, F, B, 4

Bow Before Me (Anywhere): D, D, F, D, 4
Pole Dance (Close): B, F, D, F, 1

Jax Briggs:
Coming In Hot (Close): F, D, F, 3
Still Got It (Close): B, F, B, D, 1

Johnny Cage:
Mr Cage's Neighborhood (Close): F, B, D, D, 4
Who Hired This Guy (Close): F, D, F, 1

Road Rash (Mid): B, F, D, F, 3
Hooked (Close): D, D, D, 4

Last Dance (Close): F, D, D, 1
Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): B, D, F, 2

Gore-Nado (Mid): D, D, D, D, 2
Royal Execution (Mid): D, B, F, 1

For The Kollection (Close): D, D, D, D, 4
Head Lanter (Close): D, F, B, 1

Kotal Kahn:
Totem Sacrifice (Close): B, D, B, 3
Kat Food (Close): B, F, B, F, 1

Kung Lao:
Headed Nowhere (Close): D, F, B, D, 2
Meat Slicer (Close): D, F, D, 3

Liu Kang:
Burn Out (Close): D, B, D, F, 1
Belly of the Beast (Mid): B, D, B, F, 2

Noob Saibot:
Split Decision (Mid): B, F, B, F, 4
Double Trouble (Close): D, D, D, 1

Alternating Current (Mid): B, D, B, 1
Direct Current (Close): D, F, B, 3

You're Next (Far): B, D, D, 1
Chain Reaction (Far): D, F, B, 2

Shao Kahn (DLC):
Back Blown Out (Close): B, F, D, D, 2
Kahn-Sequences (Close): B, F, B, 1

Bloody Mess (Mid): F, B, D, 3
Heart Condition (Mid): D, D, F, 4

Sonya Blade:
To The Choppa (Mid): D, F, B, 2
Supply Drop (Close): B, F, D, 3

Ice-Cutioner (Mid): B, F, B, 2
Frozen In Time (Mid): F, D, F, 4
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

4 months ago#2
Nice work. Sticky requested.
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User Info: ssjmatthew

4 months ago#3
Cool, bookmarked.

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User Info: Save_The_World

4 months ago#4
Requested sticky (assuming these are correct)

User Info: JeePeeDee_basic

4 months ago#5
You can do them even if you still not unlock them on the crypt ?

User Info: trainstobrazil

4 months ago#6
thanks for this! can someone confirm what the numbers mean? Im on XBOX

User Info: Quan__Cheap

4 months ago#7
trainstobrazil posted...
thanks for this! can someone confirm what the numbers mean? Im on XBOX

1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
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User Info: NintendogDaddy

4 months ago#8
Thanks for posting this.
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User Info: Pootbird

4 months ago#9
It begins
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User Info: CSCA33

4 months ago#10
finish him
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