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  3. God I f***ing hate 4chan.

User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

1 month ago#31
OMFG at the people repeating "So the same as this board"

No comparison. Nada. Trolls here at least have the dignity to sound like they have 10% of a brain. Nobody here goes "unga bunga, jacqui is negger, western gamers cucked, jews suck, i want to sniff d'vorah's fart".
"I'm being harassed by a toaster"
Blue Lemons make the best topics.

User Info: UnrealityMod

1 month ago#32
Blue-Lemon-Z posted...
>kitana trailer.
>racist asian remarks
>discussion about asian facial features
>flat butt
>mk always sucked
>posts ninja anime porn girl "this is what a woman should look like"
>burka comment
>calling the black servants who show up for like 1 second the n-word
>butt attack: brraaaaaap
>jews controls NRS
>i want her butt to crush my skull
>zero mention of gameplay, graphics, fatality, etc.

These people need to be exterminated.

These people need to be exterminated? You know who else said that?


User Info: Kyrylo

1 month ago#33
wow, so much crying, tc xD
It's dangerous to go alone, take this!
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  3. God I f***ing hate 4chan.
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