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  3. Do you feel that Sub-Zero has been treated badly by NRS?

User Info: joker120

4 weeks ago#51
SanguineCalamus posted...
If Frost and Noob have important story stuff, he’s got to be connected to them.

Even so, getting turned into a robot, killed by three punches from Morticia Adams, and being turned into some fancy zombie.

How is that being treated badly? He got 2 whole chapters where he washed up everyone. Basically took at two character slots in MK9 too. Everyone except Sonya and Johnny became reenants too. It's not like he was the only one. Had a big redemption arc in the comics that was given more depth than even scorpion, and was basically written out of the story because he was clearly stronger than the main cast so he was regualted to old man hax. The only loose ends he has are noob and smoke. They also gav his role to a topo tier voice actor and he commands respect or fear from every character interaction. What more do we want? He's a;ways been a side character doing things outside the main plot.
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User Info: Joetj

3 weeks ago#52
FOXSOLID posted...
Joetj posted...
Hell yeah he's been treated horribly! How do you go from being the baddest mfker in the game to be made into some barely relevant character in the game? I need answers

Lol he has never been the baddest.

That would be Scorpion.

well that's a lie
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  3. Do you feel that Sub-Zero has been treated badly by NRS?
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