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  3. Time for NRS to move on after this.

User Info: kretea

4 weeks ago#81
I would love to see them take on another attempt at a "Mythologies" style of game.
Either that or come up with a whole new IP that isn't a fighting game.
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User Info: thanks-gohan

4 weeks ago#82
We still have one more game after this. MK11 is the fitting end to the trilogy and the compilation game will be amazing.

User Info: CLupula

4 weeks ago#83
Nah, they'll stick with what works. They have Warner in charge now. They will not let them return to the unpopular and unsuccessful 3D days. That would be the single dumbest move they could pull.
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User Info: momo92

4 weeks ago#85
God_Of_Entirety posted...
solid_kush posted...
They need to make spin off games, like Shaolin Monks 2 or an MK rpg/hack n slash game. That’d be awesome.
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User Info: God_Of_Entirety

4 weeks ago#86
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  3. Time for NRS to move on after this.
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