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  3. Is NRS disrespecting women by covering them up?

User Info: lilhurk1985187

4 weeks ago#251
DeZAfinaltime posted...
Western culture is so f***ed up that their females need to be naked to feel any kind of attraction...

And free? Free to walk the street looking like a whore with stds?

Pretty much yes. They also have to be an hour glass shaped,areally hot Supermodel with perfect sized bodies with sultry voices. Guys here will literally get mad if females both in real life and in video games dont look this way otr have fighting techniques that show off. Guys frothed at the mouth when they first saw Sophitia from SC do this.

Stores would be out of TP if MK girls did this. Its quite sad.
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User Info: TribeOfDan

4 weeks ago#252
Leo__87 posted...
Jaqui actually is sexy this time around.
Yes, a woman does not need to be naked to be sexy... in fact, that philosophy is actually disrespectful.
But if you can't still see that, it's time to move on, don't buy the game, and instead spend that money on porn.

I'll take you up on that. Porn it is.
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User Info: DanishCookies

4 weeks ago#253
NRS should be ashamed of this
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  3. Is NRS disrespecting women by covering them up?
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