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  3. Did Mileena get shorter?
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User Info: lenmutt

2 months ago#3
it is an issue

mk9 hilariously big A&T but good bulk as well

mkx reasonable booty and bust.... but they are all skrawny

actually in both cases all the ladies were kinda samey in body types well that's not true Sheeva was bigger than most and Skarlet was alil more lithe than most

when it komes to x i do not recall much variation (ha) in body types among the female kast

User Info: IAmMagicMan

2 months ago#4
“Elite athlete,” lmao. MK9 Sonya looked like a military porn parody trying to compensate for her wide shoulder frame with DD breast implants.

I don’t mind broad shoulders on a woman mind you, but whatever athleticism Sonya had was completely overshadowed by her ridiculous outfit. I never once thought of her as “athletic.”

As far as Mileena goes, she got the same treatment as every female in MKX. They were clearly going for more traditionally-feminine frames for the characters. Not sure what you mean by “stocky,” as they all look healthier and more natural than they ever have.
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User Info: Aeramis

2 months ago#5
No, Mileena didn't, but she is looking a little bony in the face since MKX.
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User Info: necrondude

2 months ago#6
Just waiting for the inevitable, "What do you think Mileena smells like?" topics.
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User Info: MashYouGood

2 months ago#7
MtF transsexuals are often taller than their [biological] female counterparts. NRS have obviously been sensitive to this fact in the past -- and kudos to them for it.


User Info: Apothecary2

2 months ago#8
Yes the female characters were much shorter compared to the typical male character in MKX than MK9.
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User Info: lenmutt

2 months ago#9
I miss Sheeva...

User Info: HaiTian

2 months ago#10
what will sheeva height look like if she in mkx? will she shorter than goro? hahaha!
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  3. Did Mileena get shorter?
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