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  3. Which Mileena do you prefer?

User Info: gothic7980

2 months ago#1
Who did it better - Results (38 votes)
Original Mileena
28.95% (11 votes)
New Mileena
71.05% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The original Mileena grew up with Kitana thinking they were sisters. She was cunning and deceptive.

The new Mileena is a playful lunatic. She is very young but her portrayal in MKX was good.

I personally love the original Mileena. Having her grow up with Kitana and having her smarter in general >>>
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User Info: lenmutt

2 months ago#2
Nah kan't decide.... Too tough.

User Info: IAmMagicMan

2 months ago#3
Never liked Mileena until the reboot. It’s not that she’s a whole lot better or particularly compelling, she just represents a trope I’m fond of. Can’t really go wrong with it in my eyes, unless you make the character extremely cliched and annoying like Tira. I never felt that away about Mileena’s repackage. So she went from a throwaway femme fatale to one of my favorite characters.
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  3. Which Mileena do you prefer?
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