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User Info: Fenrir-Juubi

3 months ago#121
manta53 posted...
So there's no way WWE is lending Ronda Rousey to anything, so that is at least fake. Second why would NRS ever have such a bright cover? Makes no sense.

@manta53 WWE is obsessed with "mainstream" coverage. Of course they will let her do it, but I bet it will be as trashy as Cassie's brazilian voice actress.
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User Info: Player_11

3 months ago#122
As if the game wasn't strewed-up enough, that would be the Ultimate Disgrace using that (no talent)
ugly mf to try and play the role of Soyna!!

Anyway, I hope all these "leaks" are fake!
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User Info: testyourmight11

3 months ago#123
FrancisManancis posted...
Ragiroth posted...
I really hope this is fake. Like WHY can't Sonya just sit out a game? Why does she need to constantly take up roster spots when Cassie is around? And this makes me think that the initial reveal isn't gonna show off any returning characters from MK9 or an older game which I think would be really dumb.

Better her than Johnny. I hate him so much.

She could just be in the story as an NPC, that was also rumored in one of the leaks

User Info: YoungThugger

3 months ago#124
f*** all this s*** you gimme Noob and my body is ready
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User Info: Rafficus_III

3 months ago#125
Well, that’s super cringe. I know Ed is a fan of Scorpion, but man I wish he didn’t ride Scorpion’s d*** so much. Trailers I’m mostly fine with, but the box art was just tacky.

That said, I think the cinematic trailer should have been between Scorpion and Noob Saibot; it would have made more sense from a lore perspective and looked cooler.
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User Info: Dragonruler9999

3 months ago#126
kobra02 posted...
Boons lover on the cover again...


Not like the other iconic characters matter or anything.

However scorpion have been mediocre in plot element.

Sonya should be in. Not Cassie
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