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User Info: Ben-Linus

3 months ago#41
I did not quite understand how the weapons would work.

If they are caught like we saw in the trailer, that's not the MKDA-MKD system. It would be something more the MKA's Arena Weapons. Would it be this?

I also did not understand the variations well. I imagine they are something like the Turtles of Injustice. Having fixed variations that would be chosen in the character and still being able to add movements and combos in specific spaces like a customization.

Am I right?
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User Info: HaiTian

3 months ago#42
will Tanya back to mk11?
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User Info: Insane_Shark

3 months ago#44
LOL People taking a known forum troll's topic seriously.

User Info: EverDownward

3 months ago#45
Insane_Shark posted...
LOL People taking a known forum troll's topic seriously.

It's more common than you think!
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can you?"

User Info: Nordairan

3 months ago#46
Trivio posted...
Well this must be true, since i too have some knowledge about the game that i just really wish to share with my fellow forumers. Sorry no source or anything.

- Oryca (the time-lady) is mixing both past and present timelines, making old and present characters appear in the story.
- Fatalities will have QTE (quick time event). Depending on which button you press to 'evolve' the fatality to its ultimate end. (think of Scorpion throwing his spear through someone, then you get 2 choices; 1- burn the spear to burn the enemy, or 2- pull them towards him for an uppercut to blow their heads off)
- The Krypt returns but with a twist. The Krypt will still cost coins but only 1 type called Time-Koins. Spending a time-koin will open up a coffin and giving you a random reward. However you can, within a certain time limit, remove that reward and close the coffin again, returning your time-koins if you don't like the reward.

Trust me on this, i know people...

Tbh I imagined that Fatality feature at the times of Deadly Alliance if it will be in MK11 then pray the lord at last I will see how this will gonna work... Alas we did see something similar in Armageddon.
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