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  3. How do i deequip aderno?

User Info: tehhead

1 week ago#1
As title said, i can't seem to find command to remove it & only use the rest of any healing item on whatever slot i have left

And i can't use controller on PC either, for some reason
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: alkarion_log

1 week ago#2
if is the slots for healing you just need to click and drag out or mark it and then press E

now if the adreno you are saying is the healing item then, no can do that is the whole reason for it to heal you
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User Info: egpNoodlez

1 week ago#3
If you want to just use a single aid item without the inhaler, you can manually use them from the inventory screen. If you want to use the inhaler without Adreno, you'll have to remove it all from your inventory.
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  3. How do i deequip aderno?
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