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User Info: 1Scream1

2 days ago#21
C_Money17 posted...
Surprised that they're choosing to end it here. I would have though they'd keep these Grand Prix going until at least June to cap it off nicely at one full year of extra content. I'm sad that we won't be getting any more new tracks, but new characters, karts, and other stuff is good. We still have hope for Geary and Pinstripe skins.

Hopefully, since the developers aren't having to make new tracks now, this can free up some of their time to improve and balance the online. Hopefully.
I honestly doubt it. I feel like it's too late for that and if they wanted to they would have fixed it. What's the point now especially since the amount of regular players is dropping more and more?
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User Info: Juri-Han

2 days ago#22
What item are they talking about?

User Info: BloodyRabbit

2 days ago#23
Juri-Han posted...
What item are they talking about?
My guess is either legendary skin for Geary or that CNK boss kart that Fake Velo rides.
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User Info: GuilmonDX

2 days ago#24
Hell to the yeah, no more GP after the last one which is coming next week.

Getting somewhat close to empty out the pit stop so it helps when there is no more GP. Was fun while it lasted. Curious on that new TT and recolor skins as well.

I hope they put the champion kart decals in the pit stop after the final GP is over. I got the decals from spooky up to Rustland.
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User Info: benjanime

2 days ago#25

I know, I have a cringey voice.

User Info: SpunkySix

2 days ago#26
1Scream1 posted...
Aye don't forget that one pumpkin one.

At least that one kind of had to do with the Academy?
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

2 days ago#27
I’m burnt out from grand prixs anyway so this is good news to me.

And I like the idea of updating it with new content every now and then anyway.

Also, I expect at least one new track after this last GP, maybe for the one year anniversary. They need one more track to complete another cup and involve every track in the game in the cup race mode.
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User Info: Terotrous

2 days ago#28
Honestly, I'm quite glad the GPs are ending. I'm getting pretty tired of farming challenges every day.
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SuplexKirby posted...
Lame that there won't be any new tracks when there are themes that haven't made it to the game like china great wall, medieval and future from Crash Warped.

Man, I agree. Those would've been so much more appropriate and fun. I really don't like that Gingerbread track.

It would've been nicer if, instead of doing a holiday themed track, they gave us a spectacular classic themed track as a holiday gift (like Great Wall of China theme or Future Frenzy theme)

User Info: SpunkySix

2 days ago#30
Again, having to theme the GPs every month was awful for content. I'm looking forward to getting stuff that's actually appropriate and tailored to each individual character, rather than random themed content slapped on.

Maybe now we'll get a Coco skin based on the cut Twinsanity Matrix levels, or Jet Pack Crash, or Part Timer Nina or something instead of a bunch of made-up Christmas skins.
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