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User Info: BloodyRabbit

3 days ago#1
Depression hurts, but you will always have to...

User Info: AsIfByMagic

3 days ago#2
Sad, but I guess it was bound to be soon.

User Info: Ranticoot

3 days ago#3
This is about what I had been expected (and what was rumored): the last GP would be the one after Rustland, but that is not the end of CTR period. I think most of the characters people want will make it in. (well, at least the Crash ones, who knows about the Spyro dudes).

Keeping challenges but rewarding Wumpa Coins for them I know is sure to please some people.

I'm excited about developer time trials, for sure. And I'm curious about the recolors for legendaries.
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User Info: MakotoYuri

3 days ago#4
weird, so we still get more stuff but no more GPs, no more tracks but also no more nitro farming.
it´s okay, not as bad as it sounds.
is Mayonnaise a Jojo reference too?
Given all the crap I still have in the pit stop, I actually like this. Especially that part about the challenges giving out wumpa coins instead of nitro.
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User Info: SamuraiLloyd

3 days ago#6
So, if I'm reading this right, the next Grand Prix will be the very last one... but they still intend on adding new content every month for a little while, just not in the form of a Grand Prix? I guess I can live with that.
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User Info: benjanime

3 days ago#7
So no more Nitro bonus grinding? Good, I'm getting tired of it.

User Info: SuperDWFan

3 days ago#8
“a new drop of characters, skins and karts that will hit the track shortly after the final Grand Prix Season (including a long-awaited item that we think fans will be very happy about)”

Geary skin?
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(edited 3 days ago)

User Info: LEMagus

3 days ago#9
Yeah, not very surprised I had the feeling that it will be the last GP...
This announcement is rather positive though, the only sad thing it's that there will be no more new track :°(
But winning Wumpa coins instead of Nitro points is a cool and welcomed change. And hey, we're still going to get more characters, karts and skins ! ^^

User Info: Alexves1235

3 days ago#10
What's going to happen to the 5th decals, the Firehawk to other countries and the candykart?
I'm very happy that we don't need to play for that Nitro stuff and people who plays offline finally can get Wumpa, but Velo is going to be the threat for the Beenox Trials?
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  3. End of GPs and Future of the game (link)
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