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  3. Let's discuss ideas for Pinstripe and Geary skins...

User Info: Kingslime304

4 weeks ago#21
I have an idea of Yakuza Pinstripe.

User Info: LEMagus

4 weeks ago#22
KazooieKong posted...
Geary could have been a scarecrow.
Yeah it's a better idea for Spooky theme than Terminator, Terminator would fit the Rustland one though.

User Info: Sonictiger99

4 weeks ago#23
To those who have contributed their ideas, nice one.

I'm liking a lot of these ideas. I don't think there's one I hate yet.


4 weeks ago#24
You know, with the way he slicks his hair back, the before mentioned Elvis and Greaser skins really work for him.
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User Info: Sonictiger99

4 weeks ago#25
I do really like the Elvis skin for Pinstripe.

User Info: Hypnofeet

3 weeks ago#26
All those Pinstripe Skins are quite impressive.

User Info: BobbyBlabby

3 weeks ago#27
Ssinfaxi_7OOOOO posted...
Hit the nail on the head here... I mean seriously, I don’t get it Crash, Coco, TINY, Etc- have so many skins it’s actually Comical.
Speaking of Comical, that comic is PERFECT!!!! f*** the stupid looking cart.... thank god I haven’t seen anyone use it online.
Everyone start using that kart online
Just remember: I have no idea what's going on! :D

User Info: heezzu

3 weeks ago#28
Voted for Geary since he has none. Plus I like Geary more than Pinstripe. I'm gonna say this again: Not giving Geary a Nutcracker skin for Winter GP is such a mistake and missed opportunity.

The idea of making him as Scarecrow and Terminator is brilliant. If I was in charge of giving him new skin, I would give him a Gundam-ish skin for the space-themed GP.

User Info: BigBoiJY

2 weeks ago#29
I voted for both. I'd like to see a Gundam skin for Geary and a Secret Service/Agent or a Neo skin for Pinstripe.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
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  3. Let's discuss ideas for Pinstripe and Geary skins...
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