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User Info: KazooieKong

1 month ago#71
The GP as a whole is pretty boring, lol. Good thing I was able to get the Desert Duner (the only good thing about it) as soon as it began.

Which is cool, because I have other things to get to that I can better spend my energy on.

User Info: hanautaBOB

1 month ago#72
SamusTheHedge posted...
Oh for the love of... can we all just agree to disagree and let this topic die!?

both sides are acting like children!!!

You are the TC... you should be able to close the Topic if it annoys you so much.


User Info: AsIfByMagic

1 month ago#73
I just want to say, as someone who unlocked Tropy ages ago, it would be absolutely zero skin off my nose if they let people buy him. My enjoyment of something isn't based on knowing other people don't have it because I'm not a petty a******.

Games are about enjoyment. Let people who bought it enjoy it however they want as long as it's not making someone else have a lousy time.

User Info: SamusTheHedge

1 month ago#74
hanautaBOB posted...
You are the TC... you should be able to close the Topic if it annoys you so much.

I have no idea how other wise I would have
Fan of MvC3 and Sonic. Beware The FINGER LASERS!, Max! Striders Broken!, Doom loves Yogert. This isnt even worth the paper its printed on

User Info: Flashheart

1 month ago#75
GuilmonDX posted...
No, I like to earn my rewards, then have it to be given to me on silver platter b/c I'm lazy to practice the art of drifting/sacred fire. That's how some of yall sound right now.

If they put N. Tropy in the pit stop, then there is no incentive to ever do TT.

On the harder Oxide's tracks like Dragon mines, Crash Cove, Spyro's Circuit that I struggle a lot back then, I look at youtube videos on how another player beat him. I was like okay, so I practice and practice, and eventually I beat him.

You have to fail in order to succeed. You won't get no where in life if you expect things to be given to you b/c you put to no effort in trying at all. Practice makes perfect.

Your opinion that anybody can do it with enough practice just is not true! I understand what you're thinking but it isn't as straight forward as that,it's very rare that practice makes perfect.

Your other point about there needing to be an incentive to do time trials just isn't true either,there is no rule to say a game needs to reward time trials,the biggest kart racing franchise of all time,Mario kart, never has,and for good reason because it is content that some people can't unlock no matter what they do.There's already plenty of things to unlock in adventure mode,having that in time trial is unnecessary.I should add yet again that not having to use wumpa coins,satisfaction of beating N Tropy and getting him much earlier and the chance to race oxide is reason enough.

As I said earlier no one made anyone do the time trials,and it's not like the developers said it'll be the only way to get to use N Tropy,people knew they could wait to see if he's in the pitstop.

User Info: SamusTheHedge

1 month ago#76
Ok so I've had some time to think on this and here's what I've come up with as a expansion of these topics:
1st the less controversial one: Megamix being the only character this grand prix. I am disappointed in it only being him this time, it just seems lazy on Beenox part. The past grand prix have had anywhere from 3-5 characters so expectations were on a minimum of 3 characters per grand prix. I will concide that Beenox has done amazing to support this game though: 50 characters is quite amazing, but it feels like 1 character per grand prix means were coming to the end of them. At that point I feel like this game is losing its luster already and so I would have made this the last Grand Prix and done Fake Velo along with Megamix at least... I would rather it be done then trying to beat a dead horse.

Now for the second topic: N. Tropy as a pit stop unlockable... personally it's not that I want the character to be buyable... Its that I feel (and your free to disagree with me) that there should be a casual friendly way to unlock him along with the current way. If you feel like you earned him that's fine, and if you did congratulations your way better at this game then me. But not everybody is that dedicated to this game. Some people just pop in this game to have fun or race with friends or family, and may work long hours or play other games (I myself am playing through 6 games including this game and at least 3 are RPGs) and dont feel the need to play this game as much as others, yet I feel these people still deserve to enjoy the content in the game. What kills me is the original CTR (the game this games a remake of) had a causal way to unlock most of the content: Cheat Codes... there was a code in the original CTR to unlock tropy and I will never understand why beenox didnt include it

Heck they could have made the code lock out the ability to unlock achievements because I bet the casual players who use it are like me and eather A: Playing on Switch or B: dont care about them

If you feel proud of unlocking him the normal way, well you should, but it feels kinda spiteful to not consider the casual fanbase who may want to unlock him but can't or dont want to go though the pain you did

Anyway that's my 2 cents, your free to agree or disagree but I hope I've given some some people things to think about

Oh and the other side who want to unlock him in a casual way it doesnt look good when you start shouting matches and get into fights because people believe differently. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions and I ask that both sides respect the others POV
Fan of MvC3 and Sonic. Beware The FINGER LASERS!, Max! Striders Broken!, Doom loves Yogert. This isnt even worth the paper its printed on

User Info: Masterhene

4 weeks ago#77
unlocking tropy isnt that difficult tho.
take me for example,
i dont have much time for gaming either (1-2h per day).
i was also begging beenox for the cheat code that was in the original, but i still managed to unlock him & his legendary skin.
just learn these 2 things & you'll ace all of his times
  1. boosting
  2. shortcuts
thats it, you dont need anything else to beat tropy

  • tropy will be boosting 24/7, so should you. (just learn the rhythm & try to not look at the boost bar.)
  • tropy uses shortcuts occasionally, so you should use them 24/7. (you dont need to use EVERY shortcut, since tropy is very forgiving when it comes to his times.)
  • engine isn't that important, but id recommend taking the layout of the track into consideration when choosing the engine. (if you dont know which one to use then id recommend using either "acceleration" or "drift" engine.)
the only difficult tropy time is on oxide station, where you have to boost in very specific locations, but is very doable even with the worst (turn) engine.
you dont need to complete all of the time trials in 1 go, just do like 1-3 per day & you'll be done in a month. just aim to complete 1 stage at a time.
you just have to put in the effort, im sure you can do it.
Just ignore the problem until it goes away.
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