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  3. Stop disconnecting in lobbies people.

User Info: Super-Mario-Fan

1 month ago#1
I just want to earn some coins. There really needs to be an offline 5x option.
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User Info: Alexves1235

1 month ago#2
I cannot complete the 6 laps Challenges or the N. Tropy one.
I just wanted to farm Electron Avenue but everyone leaves or choose terrible levels like Coco Park, Crash Cove or Roo's Tuves.

User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#3
I'm getting fed up of people disconnecting when it's a shorter track. Do people want to go up the leaderboards faster or not? -.-

User Info: xKryptonKnightx

1 month ago#4
Why is this still an ongoing issue? This really should have been fixed months ago.
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User Info: Mmoises1213

1 month ago#5
Who you telling? It’s freaking annoying! Sitting down waiting cause the game doesn’t have a host
migration feature. At least let us know who’s host
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User Info: SolidZone

1 month ago#6
You aren't wrong. After getting the top 5 percent on the nitro leaderboards for the first time, I don't think I want to do it again because of it. At least I can play on private lobbies with my friends just fine.
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User Info: Juri-Han

1 month ago#7
If you can't beat them join them and who knows could be a server issue honestly.

User Info: FireSonic

1 month ago#8
maybe they should actually fix the online so this isn't an issue.
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User Info: streetfighter76

1 month ago#9
If the game EASILY allows for this, it's pointless to stress too much about it.
For issues of this nature, the rule ALWAYS applies :
"Blame the game... not the player".

People will keep doing this for many possible reasons and if you want your online experience to be more fun, you shouldn't be expecting a lot from random strangers...
The ultimate victory is the one conquered over yourself.

User Info: Masterhene

1 month ago#10
i only disconnect if the next map is gonna be crash cove, hate that map in online mode.
now im a fan of chaos as much as the next guy, but that entire track is just a race on who can get lucky & escape the pack & then you win as long as you dont drive into anything.
Just ignore the problem until it goes away.
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  3. Stop disconnecting in lobbies people.
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