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  3. People questioning when Geary will get a Legendary and I'm here thinking...

User Info: BazzaPersonal

2 months ago#11
What’s with your bias against Geary?
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User Info: QJD1381

2 months ago#12
Pinstripe doesn't need more Legandaries, just give Gangster some alt colors.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

2 months ago#13
BazzaPersonal posted...
What’s with your bias against Geary?
I don't really have a bias againt Geary. It's just I'm rather surprised.

User Info: 1Scream1

2 months ago#14
I've been saying Pinstripe needs some love since like the first GP. Beenox's boner for the buff dudes is annoying as hell.
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User Info: SuplexKirby

2 months ago#15
However I do agree that pinstripe needs a GP skin.

User Info: Ludacris01

1 month ago#16
Give Pinstripe a Soundcloud rapper skin
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User Info: GuilmonDX

1 month ago#17
Geary don't need a legendary skin. He is fine as he is.
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User Info: KarateTiger

1 month ago#18
I understand it may be difficult to give Geary a skin...
What they could give him? A skin looking like C3PO...? Or Mazinger? Maybe like that metallic guy from Wizard of Oz?

Well I think Geary would have a new skin already if the developers would've had any idea for a robot to disguise.
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User Info: bluefirekid

1 month ago#19
I doubt it's because of lack of ideas. They could do something as simple as give Geary a suit and be done. (Or make him a cyborg or steampunk.)

Pinstripe is also a little jarring, despite having a base game legendary.

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User Info: Ranticoot

1 month ago#20
Geary as a toy robot, action figure or nutcracker were all fairly common suggestions for this GP. and that's just this GP.

honestly I think Geary just by being a robot has nearly unlimited potential for skin ideas. Maybe the issue is that they have the theme ideas but can't quite nail what they want to do.
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