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  3. Most underrated original CTR character in Nitro Fueled?

User Info: SuperDWFan

3 weeks ago#1
Most underappreciated character from the original main roster.

Poor N. Gin. He really suffered from the constant voice actors recasting and Beenox’ poor choice of legendary skins. I always forget he even exists in this game.
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User Info: IWasLeft2Die

3 weeks ago#2
I'd have to day ngin. I haven't seen him online much unfortunately

User Info: GodOfTheSun

3 weeks ago#3
Either N. Gin or Papu. Though I have seen a lot of N. Gin's since he got his farmer skin.

User Info: Juri-Han

3 weeks ago#4
N.Gin and Polar honestly I see Dingo's and I my self am a Dingo fan used him a lot but when it comes down to it you see Pura, Crash, Tiny, Dingo Cortex, and PLENTY of Coco's.

User Info: Ranticoot

3 weeks ago#5
N. Gin is, by FAR, the one I see the least often online. I see him probably once every two weeks at most.
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User Info: Neo-Violen

3 weeks ago#6
N. Gin would get more play if he had his CNK voice.
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User Info: PolarisCastillo

3 weeks ago#7
I miss his original voice, same with Ripper Roo's original laugh. I can't believe we didn't get that.

User Info: Ludacris01

3 weeks ago#8

Everyone is rated exactly as they should be
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User Info: BigshotCBooth7

3 weeks ago#9
N. Gin.

I hardly ever see anyone online use him.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: BazzaPersonal

3 weeks ago#10
Most of these characters are actually overrated lol.

I’d say maybe Crash, Cortex or Polar.
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