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I love the challenge and the new mode, it reminds me a lot of the Crash 3 level RINGS OF POWER, and I believe going through the rings also gave you a boost. The fact that this challenge happens on Hot Air Skyway I feel is a nod to that level.

User Info: Lenprt2

1 week ago#12
Is there an exploit so it’s easier to obtain points and save time? If anyone could find out that would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: mqg96

1 week ago#13
If you've been practicing time trials and learned how to master the U-turn trick on various courses such as Dragon Mines or Oxide Station, then that helped a lot on this Hot Air Skyway challenge. It took me 5 attempts (2 yesterday and 3 today) and I eventually got it, despite almost choking towards the end.


User Info: RockmanBN

1 week ago#14
It's easy. I did it on my first try.

User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#15
What class are you all using?
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User Info: Ranticoot

1 week ago#16
BazzaPersonal posted...
What class are you all using?
I have used speed exclusively (ok almost exclusively, I kept using accel sometimes just a little bit into the Spooky GP but no longer do so) since they put in engine swapping

I figured that since the rings give you reserves eventually you'll have so many you can just rely on air brakes from making turns, and only need to powerslide when you have a lot of room to do it

That is how it works in theory

Executing it is harder
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User Info: Lenprt2

1 week ago#17
Which class is the best to use for this challenge?

User Info: YattaRX8

1 week ago#18
Got it my second try. Probably my favorite challenge out of all the grand prix so far, but that might just be bias from it being a new mode.

User Info: RoRoCraziness

1 week ago#19
BazzaPersonal posted...
What class are you all using?

I used turn.

User Info: JamieDodgr

1 week ago#20
Last night i got to 610k with turn
Yeah thats fair
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