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User Info: Ranticoot

1 week ago#1
is, by far, the hardest challenge they've ever put in these things. I probably gave it like 20 tries before finally doing it. And it felt good. I unlocked the Daredevil by clearing it. Nice.

I like that it's that type of challenge. A challenge that is genuinely really f***ing hard. No grind, no getting lucky with matchmaking (why did Beat the Champion not only return, but now you have a separate challenge to beat someone who plays Tropy?), no glitches, no nothing. Just play the video game real good.

On a side note idk about you guys but I love Ring Rally. It reminds me of arcade racing games.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#2
I can only get to halfway lmfao.

Feels impossible. Love the new mode though.
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User Info: RoRoCraziness

1 week ago#3
I managed to get it on my first try. Somehow.

My hand then proceeded to die. I think it was stuck in a cramped claw form for a full two hours. x_x;

Great challenge, though. Loved it.

User Info: 0tus

1 week ago#4
Wow this one is pretty crazy. The real issues start for me with the small blue rings. Good on Beenox or doing a challenge that is hard because it's actually challenging instead of being hard because the stars need to align to make the win condition even possible.
Ihme elukka

User Info: hanautaBOB

1 week ago#5
Ranticoot posted...
(why did Beat the Champion not only return, but now you have a separate challenge to beat someone who plays Tropy?)

I don't think it's that bad since most players will go for Tropy + Championskart for the 5 Victories challenges, so you'll most likely get both at once anyways...

User Info: SA200

1 week ago#6
I sure did yesterday on the new track, thankfully didn't need the disconnect trick.

I would've preferred they made the ring challenge a more reasonable 4 or 5 mil. I've given up on that one since I haven't mastered the air break to get around that corner at the end with blue fire.
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User Info: BloodyRabbit

1 week ago#7
I can't seem too reach 400k. My hands cramps up and i lose control. Props to anyone that pulls it off but this too much for me at my skill level.
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User Info: DerektheWilder

1 week ago#8
I haven't gotten more than 360,000. Doesn't help that on Hot Air Skyway, there are portions of the track that you fall through even though graphically there's floor underneath you.
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User Info: JamieDodgr

1 week ago#9
456634 is my best. Lap 8. Thumb hurts like hell
Yeah thats fair

User Info: 0tus

1 week ago#10
JamieDodgr posted...
456634 is my best. Lap 8. Thumb hurts like hell

How hard are you guys pressing the accelerate button? Mine doesn't hurt at all. Thought to be honest a lighter touch is something I've learned only after breaking my X button in another game where it had to be held.
Ihme elukka
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