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  3. From a score of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy Koala Carnival?

User Info: Willie879

1 week ago#1
From a score of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy Koala Carnival? - Results (68 votes)
1.47% (1 vote)
2.94% (2 votes)
7.35% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8.82% (6 votes)
10.29% (7 votes)
17.65% (12 votes)
26.47% (18 votes)
14.71% (10 votes)
10.29% (7 votes)
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For myself, it would be around a 7.

The design and graphics are amazing, not to mention adding the Rilla Roo Easter Egg there as well. Really brings the fun in the track, so it would be almost a 10 for that.

But the thing that I was a bit disappointed is when I first saw the map on the bottom right. It's just...so simple, not to mention short. Not to mention that this course really didn't need blue fire...the times are basically in the early 1:40s in which case it would be a 5 lap track honestly (would been 4 without blue fire) Which is basically why we need more laps on short tracks like this and for this to be a DLC track, it kinda upset me a bit and I had to give it a 4 for duriaton which average it out to 7.

So, what are your options for this track?

User Info: IWasLeft2Die

1 week ago#2
8. I love it a lot but the edges need fixed in the beginning

User Info: Gunnthra

1 week ago#3
If it was longer it would be one of my favorite tracks. I like simple tracks that it’s easy to hold fire on, but they’re all so short.
as is I’ll give it 7.5 with 8 for visuals.

User Info: Mmoises1213

1 week ago#4
Agreed. I would’ve gave it a 10 if it wasn’t so short! And it definitely didn’t need blue fire like I don’t want to end the track so fast
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User Info: Ranticoot

1 week ago#5
+looks great
+fast and fun

-invisible walls in the fire part are really awful
-could be longer

overall i like it. i don't see why a track as simple as this one needs blue fire, but it's fun.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#6
If they fix the walls it’d be amazing.
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User Info: SA200

1 week ago#7
At the very least if that pro challenge which is to hold blue fire for 2+ laps comes back then it'll be a cakewalk since it's laughably easy to hold it on this track.
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User Info: BumbleBee3229

1 week ago#8
8. If they fix the hitboxes on the sides at the beginning - i'll bump it up to 9 easily.
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User Info: ToveriJuri

1 week ago#9
3. I don't get this track. It seems absolutely pointless to me. It's a flashier version of Tiny Temple. Did the challenges related to it and I'm already done with the track.
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Visually it's great. Not my favorite track in the game to race on, but it's better than any of the other original tracks that Beenox created.
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  3. From a score of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy Koala Carnival?
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