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User Info: PolarisCastillo

1 week ago#11
When the TNT you just shook off your head hits someone else behind you ;)

User Info: heezzu

1 week ago#12
When you don't use items in online race, someone gets the message and you don't shoot each other for the rest of the race or maybe even the whole lobby session.

When the lobby doesn't get disbanded until at least 10 race.

User Info: PolarisCastillo

1 week ago#13
...when the countdown for when the online race is about to end and you make it to the finish line with only a second remaining :'-)

User Info: hanautaBOB

1 week ago#14
... when the game starts on the Track necessary for Passive Rider.

Might not win, but free NP are free.

User Info: Ranticoot

1 week ago#15
when you nail a perfect triple boost through the 90 degree turns on Papu's Pyramid and then actually keep fire through the grass cut
Born to lose, live to win!

User Info: JamieDodgr

1 week ago#16
...you get a BAM! Clock dodge
Yeah thats fair

User Info: richboy900

1 week ago#17
When you nail the final corners of cortex castle with blue fire without hitting the wall or spiders

When you're near last place and fight your way well up the field or win by the end of the race

When you knock someone off the map with a perfectly timed bomb, missile, orb or clock

User Info: JV571

1 week ago#18
PolarisCastillo posted...
...when you complete various challenges all in one race and the Nitro gauge zooms past more than one item.
This one’s pretty satisfying
"Nevermind her, she's just a sandwich..."

User Info: Ludacris01

1 week ago#19
SuperDWFan posted...
...when you race with a full lobby and they don’t start teleporting all over the place.
"that ambipom is on crack" - Lemonz89
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User Info: Masterhene

1 week ago#20
when you finish 6th, but then the game bumps you up to 2nd.
Just ignore the problem until it goes away.
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