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  3. That sweet moment when...
...when you manage to perfectly customize your kart in time before the online countdown locks.

...when you're the first to crash open the glass into the Android Alley shortcut.

...when you complete various challenges all in one race and the Nitro gauge zooms past more than one item.

What are some of YOUR favorite sweet little moments that sing in this game?

User Info: SuperDWFan

1 week ago#2
...when you race with a full lobby and they don’t start teleporting all over the place.
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User Info: Mmoises1213

1 week ago#3
......someone behinds you uses a missile & it skips you to hit the person in front of you :’)

......you doing great holding holding blue fire then you hit a wall :’)

.......you u-turn with analog and lose boost :’)
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User Info: KazooieKong

1 week ago#5
...you're not playing this glitchy grindfest and not obsessing over the series, lol

User Info: GuilmonDX

1 week ago#6
... When you time your missile in some stages and it hits your opponent to where they tumble off the stage.
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User Info: Masterhene

1 week ago#7
When the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places use the same character & skin during the victory animation.
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User Info: BumbleBee3229

1 week ago#8
...when you Bomb Toss someone from far far away.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#9
...when you direct hit someone in front of you with a beaker.
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  3. That sweet moment when...
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