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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

3 weeks ago#11
9/10. Great aethestic, great hazards and shortcuts, great soundtracks, and it's even a reference to one of the greatest movies ever made.
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User Info: RockmanBN

3 weeks ago#12
10/10 track. Not too hard to blue fire but feels very satisfying nonetheless.

User Info: JamieDodgr

3 weeks ago#13
Good track. Sucks that it is the only CNK track not in any of the cups so i never really get to play it.
Yeah thats fair

User Info: PolarisCastillo

3 weeks ago#14
I do love it but I hate the gears. Not only is the hit box weird but its odd that they squish you. Shouldn't they simply push you or get you caught in them, and then respawn?

Other than that its great.

User Info: Ranticoot

3 weeks ago#15
[i should note when i said gears, i actually meant the ones on the shortcut, not the hazard gears. i've had more than one time trial run destroyed by weird collision on them making me lose fire.]
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User Info: ToveriJuri

3 weeks ago#16
5/10. I can't really even really tell the reason why but I just don't like how this track flows. It has some good elements to has decent hazards a good shortcut and blue fire so it's it's not a monotonous track. Yet for some reason I just don't like playing this track.
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User Info: Edelweiss-III

3 weeks ago#17
9/10. Love this track so much. It has somewhat a Harry Potter/Poudlard's vibe.

This kind of topic is great. I've voted for some tracks such as Crash Cove, Polar Pass and else..
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User Info: mqg96

3 weeks ago#18
This is how fun Clockwork Wumpa becomes once you learn how to U-turn/air brake and keep blue flame on the course. It flows so nicely. My personal best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhmPNHFDcb8

User Info: richboy900

3 weeks ago#19
8/10 but a high 8

User Info: DysonSlinky

3 weeks ago#20
I'm not sure whether to give this track a 7 or an 8. It's a fun track, but it has fundamental flaws within it, primarily the gears having weird hitboxes, and the first shortcut actually having the tendency to randomly axe your fire.
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