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  3. Which Skin from the Spyro GP was your favorite?

User Info: Willie879

1 month ago#1
Which Skin from the Spyro GP was your favorite? - Results (76 votes)
Evil Coco
18.42% (14 votes)
Evil Crunch
2.63% (2 votes)
Viking Polar
6.58% (5 votes)
Wizard Komodo Joe
32.89% (25 votes)
Devil Dog Zam
13.16% (10 votes)
Goblin Small Norm
1.32% (1 vote)
Orc Big Norm
6.58% (5 votes)
Gnome Real Velo
18.42% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Well, I would rank some of them but...I'm not really into most of the skins since most of them just roars and growls which is...meh.

One of best skins for myself are Wizard Komodo Joe, due to the staff and etc. 2nd best would be Gnome Real Velo, since he not only acted like one, but the poses clearly represent him, which is humorous.

For the GP skins of Evil Coco and Crunch...ugh...let's say I wasn't a fan of Mind Over Mutant due to not only the crazy design changes(Same for Crash of the Titans) but the fact that it's completely different from the Classic Crash games in general. And due to the fact that it was open world and not level select from Titans, I was lost halfway and didn't even beat the game before my rental was up so that's the reason I'm not a fan of these skins as it reminded me of that dreadful game. Not to mention these have nothing to do with Spyro, so WTF?

But what's your guys opinion about them?

User Info: Ranticoot

1 month ago#2
Komodo Joe and Velo's are the only one's I really like all that much. Those two are fantastic (indeed, I've been pretty willing to just play Joe online because of his, even though his class is terrible), but other than that, pretty mediocre GP for skins.
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User Info: SuperDWFan

1 month ago#3
Evil Coco, Evil Coco, and oh did I also mentioned Evil Coco?
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User Info: Lemonsnatch

1 month ago#4
Wizard Komodo Joe and Devil Dog Zam are the ones I like the most, I'm gonna give my vote to Zam his skin look really cool to me

User Info: hydro11

1 month ago#5
Evil Coco has been my most used, but I think the turning bois got the most love this GP. Gnome Velo and Devil Dog Zam are both great, looks and podium animation wise. Might just give Velo the edge.
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User Info: Ludacris01

1 month ago#6
Zam went from being never used not even once by me, to being my most used character this GP

Love that Devil Dog outfit and win animation
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User Info: sakananai

1 month ago#7
I'd like the evil coco one better if it didn't have the antenna sticking out the top of her head.

There's a bunch of good ones this time around.

User Info: silly_sausage

1 month ago#8
It's a toss up between Wizard Joe and Gnome Velo. Both are 10 out of 10 skins for me. I tend to default to Wizard Joe once I've gotten all character specific challenges out of the way, so I guess him.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#9
Wizard Komodo Joe with Gnome Real Velo as a close second. Didn't think a character only in CNK would get such an awesome skin.

User Info: SpunkySix

1 month ago#10
Evil Coco, but only because it's Coco. None of the skins impressed me as really being great for the theme, honestly.
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