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  3. Oxide on Tiny Temple was a nightmare

User Info: BeatScrafty2

3 weeks ago#1
f*** me. What was that?

I could been fine with 1 1\2 lap USF maintenance, but that s*** felt like borderline speedrunning.

That's one of the harder Oxide ghost right?
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User Info: Ranticoot

3 weeks ago#2
yeah, most would say the hardest or at least top 3 hardest
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User Info: Warm_Lager

3 weeks ago#3
I found it hard, but in an enjoyable way.

Dragon Mines was the most difficult for me, followed by pre-patch Sewer Speedway (I bet its easy to do now though with the fixed shortcut).

Then 3rd hardest would be Tiny Temple followed very closely by Deep Sea Driving.

Some people say Crash Cove and Oxide Station is hard, which I simply don't get, they were a cakewalk.

User Info: ToveriJuri

3 weeks ago#4
It's one of the few time trials where you have to pretty much hold USF the entire time it's available without a fault.

It's among the harder ones for sure. The track doesn't have many obstacles especially in time trial where you can just set the flamethrowers to one side and forget about them. So it's not as bad as it could be.
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User Info: silly_sausage

3 weeks ago#5
I did it today for the "Tropy's Apprentice" challenge, totally not expecting to get it, and I somehow did on my first try. I have his time in Dragon Mines done too, which is considered one of the other notorious Oxide tracks. I'd like to think that means the rest will be a piece of cake, but I'm still dreading the heck out of them. Especially Deep Sea Driving and Oxide Station, but Hot Air Skyways and Cortex Castle too. I barely beat Tropy on those four.
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  3. Oxide on Tiny Temple was a nightmare
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