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User Info: Ludacris01

4 weeks ago#21
We should ban everyone who gave Dragon Mines a 1 and Tiny Arena a 10 imo
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User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
4 weeks ago#22
It's just a straightforward track with plenty of turns. I voted 7 but I actually think it's a 6 now.

User Info: CountDrugula

4 weeks ago#23
Ludacris01 posted...
We should ban everyone who gave Dragon Mines a 1 and Tiny Arena a 10 imo

I gave Dragon Mines a 0 and Tiny Arena a 10, wanna fight about it?
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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 weeks ago#24
Ludacris01 posted...
We should ban everyone who gave Dragon Mines a 1 and Tiny Arena a 10 imo

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User Info: DysonSlinky

4 weeks ago#25

It's a good and skillful track, but the track is a bit too long. It overstays its welcome, and unlike Electron Avenue, it doesn't have colorful visuals or the speed rush to keep you interested.
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User Info: Cute_Davidek

4 weeks ago#26
10/10, love this track.

*Love soundtrack

*Love graffiti

*Love confetti and fireworks

*Love commercials referencing other tracks

*It's power sliding heaven

*Sharp turns protect well against missles

User Info: OmegaDimension

4 weeks ago#27
Ludacris01 posted...
We should ban everyone who gave Dragon Mines a 1 and Tiny Arena a 10 imo

Why? I'm curious since one is incredibly short and unpredictable without item usage even considered while the other is one of the two longest and is simplistic with no random elements.

Guessing you are also the person who says to ban people who voted 1 on Dingo Canyon, 10 on Polar Pass and 10 on Papu's Pyramid aren't you?

User Info: JamieDodgr

4 weeks ago#28
Nightstryk3r619 posted...
Shameless knockoff of Waluigi stadium, but with better music. 7/10

Waluigi Satdium music is better imo. And it isnt really a knock off of Waluigi Stadium considering the game came out 4 years before Double Dash. Its more a knock off of MK64's Wario Stadium.
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User Info: ToveriJuri

3 weeks ago#30
Ranticoot posted...
utterly amazing. proof that sometimes, all you need for a great course is it for to be a staight-up race track.

due to how it is filled with tight turns that are a challenge to keep fire with keep it interesting the whole way through, and I think it has genius placement of boost pads (it has one at the start, one roughly around the middle and two at the end; this means players who lose it and are skilled are never out of the running, but also that runaway leads on this course are from raw skill, not being able to keep blue fire). it is home to for me at least, some of the most intense online experiences in the game, if not the most intense; tiny arena with people at your skill level is always a blast, as it rewards really good driving and super smart item use unlike nearly any other course. in some ways, it is the reverse Papu's Pyramid: when you lose here, it's on you (that isn't to say item f***ery on it doesn't ever happen, but the length and difficulty of the course dramatically downplays warp orb / clock spam's effects)

its long length also makes it a very fun and challenging time trial track. it doesn't have blue fire, but the WR for this course is more than 50 seconds faster than Oxide's time. it is a course I go back to all the time to try and get the time down lower.

I think for future GPs Tiny Arena along with Assembly Lane (which shares many of the things I love Tiny Arena for, that one could use better boost pad placement though) would be a great course for Beenox to reference: a long course littered with hard turns that push your ability to keep fire to the limit, but DOESN'T have blue fire to blow people in the dust completely. I really want more courses in the game like these two.

Also, like many courses, in NF it is stellar aesthetically. I love the Guitar Tiny hologram.

Pretty much this outside of the Assembly Lane Love. f*** that track. It's nothing like Tiny Arena. Doesn't have good twist and turns, absolutely horrid Turbo pad placement. You Have to race too long without any boosts which is boring as hell and because of that you can't really get ahead if the players are even half decent then we enter the damn turbo pad gamble area where the player who managed to get the best item to screw the other top players over around the turbo pads wins the entire track.

I don't see how you can compare that BS to Tiny Arena...
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