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  3. Favorite Speed character to play?

User Info: OmegaDimension

4 weeks ago#21
I suck with Speed Characters but if I have to chose someone? Either Digital N.Tropy or Robot Crunch.

User Info: generalguy64

4 weeks ago#22
I really don't like playing Speed, but Thug Norm is my favorite.

I once had a dream where Vulpix was playable in Smash. I fully support this now.

User Info: Shadow_Luffy

4 weeks ago#23
Dingodile then Ami. I only used Tropy for the nitro boost but since I got Fake Baby T, I'm not picking him for a while. Those time puns get old after a while.
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User Info: BloodyRabbit

4 weeks ago#24
Vayu_The_End posted...
BloodyRabbit posted...
Big Norm is my main speed bro (w/ Ami as a very far second). I just love using both Norms. Though i don't like Speed characters and how they feel like I'm driving on ice.

You get used to it. I tend to stick with Smol Norm in USF heavy tracks since speed difference in blue fire is pretty minuscule, but Speed characters 9 times out of 10 have it the easiest in breaking out of the pack, and that's all that matters when it comes for winning.

Blizzard Bluff and Polar Pass? There is no way in hell I would play anything other than Speed or Acceleration on those tracks. The shortcuts on those tracks are major time savers and are a complete crapshoot attempting them with anything slower than Accel. So being a norm main, you should be favoring Big Norm on tracks like that.

Coco main actually, but I do switch to either Norm when the situation presents itself, (or Isabella.)

User Info: Miku91

4 weeks ago#25
I mostly switch between Penta, Tropy and Ami.

User Info: Tales_of_101

4 weeks ago#26
In my opinion the Advanced/Speed have the best selection of characters.

but who to choose...

User Info: SpunkySix

4 weeks ago#27
Vayu_The_End posted...
Voted for Papu, meant Big Norm.
I alternate between Big and Smol Norm.

You mean Beeg and Smol Norm?
What doth life?

User Info: NR001

4 weeks ago#28
Once I finally get the game this thursday I plan on grabbing Baby T, if I'm too late, I'll main Dinodile til' he turns up.
I am a simple man.

User Info: SLCSlayer29

4 weeks ago#29
It's one of Ami, Baby T, Big Norm, and Dingodile.

Tough choice but I chose Dingodile.

User Info: mqg96

4 weeks ago#30
Ami, N Tropy, then Penta? That was so predictable lol.
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