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  3. Would you recommend using a Speed character to beat all Oxides times?

User Info: MrPototo

4 weeks ago#11
Used accel to beat all times, had no problems on DSD at all. Would have used speed but I only started to master air braking toward the end of the Oxide trials. Used speed on Crash Cove though, couldn't do it with accel.
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User Info: Wildfyre88

3 weeks ago#12
I used a mixture of Speed and Balanced. At the very least I would recommend using Speed characters on the more straightforward tracks like Crash Cove or Coco Park. Tracks with lots of turns could be better navigated with a different class.

User Info: Hypnofeet

3 weeks ago#13
This should be a poll. And it depends on the track. Speed should certainly be used on the flatter and more straight forward tracks like Crash Cove, Inferno Island and Coco Park.

User Info: KSoulLord

3 weeks ago#14
I did most with Accel, some with Balanced, some with Turning and some with Speed.
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User Info: YattaRX8

3 weeks ago#15
I believe every world record is held by a speed character

I beat them all with Accel

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User Info: GodOfTheSun

3 weeks ago#16
I mostly won with Speed and Accel but I won some with Balanced and Turning too. Oxide Station was with Turning both for N. Tropy and Oxide.

User Info: siegfried2911

3 weeks ago#17
I used speed characters in every track except for Deep Sea Driving...
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User Info: LonelyGoomba

3 weeks ago#18
I mostly used speed, upto that point I had got all platinum relics and N Trophy with Crash. But once I changed to speed it made Oxide a lot easier tbh
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User Info: IWasLeft2Die

3 weeks ago#19
Granted I've only tried N tropy times thus far, but I used accel and some speed. I still haven't practiced enough to beat oxide but it seems those two are generally considered the best options on most maps with balanced and handling more rarely useful. I believe I beat like 2 courses with handling, didn't try any with balanced, all but a few maps with accel, and used speed for maps like crash cove and cortex castle
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  2. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
  3. Would you recommend using a Speed character to beat all Oxides times?
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