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  2. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
  3. Would you recommend using a Speed character to beat all Oxides times?

User Info: gg132

4 weeks ago#1
Or are their some tracks I should switch to a different class?

User Info: SA200

4 weeks ago#2
Once you get used to their controls, yes.
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User Info: Vayu_The_End

4 weeks ago#3
Probably turning for DSD, since it's a bit easier to dodge the bulls*** fans.
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User Info: generalguy64

4 weeks ago#4
I've done them mostly with Accel characters, mostly because I'm just using best girl Megumi
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User Info: Ranticoot

4 weeks ago#5
i did them all with accel

only course i would not recommend accel or speed for is deep sea driving, where there, turning might be easier
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User Info: ArroganceMalice

4 weeks ago#6
I did every time with a speed character

except dragon mines where I used accel
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User Info: DysonSlinky

4 weeks ago#7
Oxide times are beatable with all classes, just use whatever you're comfortable with.

My initial runs were always Accel, then when I got to my current level, I went back and redid them all with speed.
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User Info: JamieDodgr

4 weeks ago#8
I used a mix of both speed and accel
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User Info: OmegaDimension

4 weeks ago#9
Accel is the best choice for trying to beat Oxide's time initially and on certain tracks, are more preferable over speed (At least for me) but if you want the best of the best times, you need to use Speed and for some tracks, that is a pain to do in my opinion.

User Info: LivingInPapaya

4 weeks ago#10
Yes. Speed being objectively the best class in the game, on all tracks, means you should be doing Speed. You could make the case that Accel is a little more forgiving and thus might mean Oxide is 'easier', but you'll have the best chance of beating him on the tricky tracks with Speed, and you may as well just use Speed all of the time so you get used to it.
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  3. Would you recommend using a Speed character to beat all Oxides times?
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