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User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

3 weeks ago#61
Another quality series of posts from Malice

go troll somewhere else
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User Info: ArroganceMalice

3 weeks ago#62
NewAnimeFanDV posted...
Another quality series of posts from Malice

go troll somewhere else

You have no authority to tell anyone to go anywhere
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User Info: Ludacris01

3 weeks ago#63
@Hypnofeet look at this guy getting owned left and right
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User Info: Sonixs

3 weeks ago#64
I hate playing this game online. But nooo they can't let us get the same number of coins offline.

User Info: YattaRX8

3 weeks ago#65
archidus posted...
YattaRX8 posted...
DUBTuner posted...
@YattaRX8 posted...
Sometimes I wish I wasn't playing on Switch so I could capture bulls*** moments like this. Had a race yesterday on Android Alley. Was in first place, got hit by a mask, followed by a bomb/missile, followed by another bomb/missile, which then pushed me into the train.

I was quite furious.

I'm playing on Switch. You can record up to 30 seconds of video footage by holding down the capture button.

Yeah but it just starts recording from when you hit the button, right? Pretty sure on PS4 you can snip a video from something that's already occurred which makes it way more convenient.

It records the past 30 seconds

Well f***, TIL

User Info: BumbleBee3229

3 weeks ago#66
@ArroganceMalice Admittedly, laggy masks happen way too often, no matter, how hyperactive your senses are. Besides, Thunderstuck sucks anyway, let the guy vent some frustration.
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User Info: RadeonHD4250

3 weeks ago#67
Seeing how he already "landed" on the track after jump, Aku Aku shouldn't have spawned him all the way back there.
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