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  3. Has the Grand Prix become a chore for you?

User Info: TheOriginalMax

4 weeks ago#1
Are you tired of the challenges and/or not having fun anymore? - Results (168 votes)
Yes, it is not fun anymore and/or has become a chore.
83.93% (141 votes)
No, I find enjoyment in it and/or do not feel it is a chore.
16.07% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Topic. Feel free to share your thoughts, as well, if you want/want to vent :)

I feel it's become a chore. I just want to play other stuff, but feel like I need to keep coming back in order to ensure I can get the Grand Prix reward.
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User Info: Vayu_The_End

4 weeks ago#2
I saw how many nitro points you get vs how many nitro points you need and noped the f*** out.

That's way too large a time sink into one game for me.
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User Info: ssjgohhku

4 weeks ago#3
The first two bars were ok but the third bar that takes 4 times as long as the first two combined is a tedious chore.

User Info: UndyingStick

4 weeks ago#4
It just lasts for far too long. This'll be even more annoying if the next one starts a week later.

User Info: UltraPlanet

4 weeks ago#5
Capture the flag and steal the beacon challenges are painfully boring, tedious and no fun.

User Info: Rock_Howard87

4 weeks ago#6
3k points away from Motorsport Tawna, and sitting on 26k-ish position on the Nitro board and I don't feel like playing the GP anymore. I think I'm sitting on a safe position to be among the 5%, but I'll be on the lookout.

Hope the next one won't be such a shore
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User Info: RadeonHD4250

4 weeks ago#7
So far so good on the HONEST votes. lol

Just kidding, but I voted yes, because the process is way too long. They could easily have cut the requirement in half.

And as others stated, if the next one starts within the next week as this one, it's just going to get worse.
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User Info: defauIt

4 weeks ago#8
The points needed is way too high

I got to motorsport crunch, and I feel like I play a lot! But tawna is just too much more

User Info: GranolaBar

4 weeks ago#9
Nope. I really enjoyed it, and I got enough points about a week ago. I’m not ready for the next one yet though, because I haven’t bought all the Grand Prix stuff from the Pit Stop yet.

User Info: KarateTiger

4 weeks ago#10
If you became addict to this game because of that, it's your problem.
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  3. Has the Grand Prix become a chore for you?
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