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User Info: hanautaBOB

2 months ago#21
DerektheWilder posted...
Can you change your racer display name or does it just remain your psn name?

It uses your PSN ID for that...

Too bad, since I used to Type in the Characters name rather than a Nickname of mine...

I don't know if anyone would want to add me for online since I basicly just go there for the coins and I would be conflicted by not being a douche vs coins... and yes, I did bad stuff to make sure I win (blocking Crates / boost pads) and... some times were a douche for the sake of it (Slowing down to multi hit the same racer, waiting in front of the finish line to finish driving backwards)...

If I was in a private Lobby I'd really try to not do that... but I always need to be a good guy irl, so sometimes I am a douche in games...

User Info: Dread_Breaker44

2 months ago#22
This is nice and all but are you lot actually gonna do lobbies?
Str8 Fyre

User Info: BumbleBee3229

2 months ago#23
Dread_Breaker44 posted...
This is nice and all but are you lot actually gonna do lobbies?

Might as well post here, if the thought occurs.
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User Info: Jaykray

2 months ago#24
PSN: Quantifix

Just a fair warning: I'm a complete noob, as this the first kart racer I've played. Well, I played Blur a lot years ago, which is a kart racer at its core, but it doesn't have the powerslide mechanic.

User Info: GodOfDerp

2 months ago#25
This might be off topic. But xbox and switch users should get their own topic like this. Since this games board on those consoles are dead.
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User Info: OmegaXXII

2 months ago#26
PSN: OmegaXXlI

It's a bit confusing but the second"l" is a lowercase L

I've been playing CTR 99 since it came out on PS1, beat all of NTrophy's and Oxide's times back in the day, always wanted to race other fellow racers, finally.

Usually on during the evening.
"For all those born with nothing, there are those born with everything. Perhaps those who never notice the difference are the ones we should envy."

User Info: CarrieChan

2 months ago#27
Woah a sticky!

User Info: sly_1

2 months ago#28
So Bumble, Xsesh and myself got a lobby together earlier today and it was fun as hell.

Sadly we had to use message system instead of voice chat but it worked just as well.

Had a lot of fun with them, but we need more people for sure.
Also hoping they add Cups in the future for private lobbies.
PSN: Sly_Ravage [WTF]
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User Info: hizumi84

2 months ago#29
PSN: Haruzak1

Been playing CTR and Crash Bandicoot games since PS1 era, so that's why I'm so hyped with this. I used to be good at CTR on PS1, beating most of my friends so I'm looking forward for a worthy opponents here. Also I have headset so we can party chat together.
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User Info: IWasLeft2Die

2 months ago#30
My schedule pretty inconvenient so I can join occasionally but not super regularly.
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