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  3. START YOUR ENGINES !!! -=PSN names exchange topic=-

User Info: Teopcigart

1 month ago#111
My ID is PuppetShoJustice if anyone wants to race me before tomorrow's reset, that would be great.
PSN Name: PuppetShoJustice
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User Info: Michaelevi

1 month ago#112
Hi all don’t have any friends that play online so looking for a bunch of different people to play with! My PSN is Michaelevi.
ahackerjack posted in the wrong topic...
I am away from my ps4 for a while but I will be back next week
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User Info: WhiteZeus

1 month ago#114
Can someone add me for the weekly friend challange pls? PSN: WhiteOni... Thank you!
DeathForeseen, same as my signature.

User Info: D4RkLeGeND5

4 weeks ago#116
D4Rk_LeGeND_5 could do with some people to play with/do challenges

User Info: SilentSeph

4 weeks ago#117
Delicious and vicious, while maliciously nutritious.

User Info: SA200

3 weeks ago#118
Someguy42, wanna try and get the Team Bandicoot wins done before the reset. I'm free to help with whatever.
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User Info: Fukaumi00

3 weeks ago#119
My ID is in the sig, feel free to add me, I'm probably on everyday
PSN and Epic - Fukaumi00
Steam - Fukaumi1
Add me to the mix, though I'm not elite levels
PSN: MistahRattlehead
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  3. START YOUR ENGINES !!! -=PSN names exchange topic=-