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User Info: assassin243

1 week ago#1
Correct me if im wrong but didnt the last two dlcs drop couple hours early? Or will it drop tomorrow?
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User Info: LordRattergun

1 week ago#2
There'd be at least three "IT'S UP!!!" topics if it did.
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User Info: juarmo

1 week ago#3
It's why I'm checking for an update every hour on the hour.

Next check: 5 minutes away.
PS: If it's gonna be early my money's on one of the next three checks, since I remember it coming around 8, 9 or 10 pacific.
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User Info: Sonic515

1 week ago#4
LordRattergun posted...
There'd be at least three "IT'S UP!!!" topics if it did.
What he said I cant wait for your troll topic

User Info: ShaymusGiven

1 week ago#5
as of now, not yet

User Info: Larni69

1 week ago#6
Just checked 06:50 GMT

This is my sad face :(
How do I change my name?
08:35 here, and it is not up
Why not? SFW?

User Info: Nopozyzy

1 week ago#8
There's "maintenance" that just booted me. 2am here.

User Info: PokemonClown

1 week ago#9
Software can be updated
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Why not? SFW?
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