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  3. How about a Marvel Dynasty Warriors game?

User Info: Gmaster32

1 month ago#1
This game is made by Team Ninja, and they also co-developed Hyrule Warriors with Omega Force and Tecmo Koei. So how about a Marvel game with Dynasty Warriors style gameplay? Wouldn't it be cool to see some Marvel characters doing one button crowd destruction attacks?

User Info: COKindBud

1 month ago#2
Please no.
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User Info: MonkeyMaster007

1 month ago#3
I'd be down for it.
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User Info: Qushu92

1 month ago#4
I can't speak for everyone, but I'd play it. It sounds like it could work with the DW style. Cannon fodder enemies that look exactly the same, ie: HYDRA agents, Ultron robots, Hand ninjas, S.H.I.E.L.D agents etc. AoE attacks for heroes and villains that can clearly wipe out an entire army, a nearly endless supply of heroes and villains to play as and different ways to level up and upgrade them........ Yeah, I've thought about this a lot.
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User Info: ChimiChanga

1 month ago#5
RIP my wallet.
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User Info: Wealthyindiana

1 month ago#6
That'd work really well, especially if the characters actually vary in playstyle with a big, interesting roster and some unique elements incorporated (like how Hyrule Warriors has the adventure maps, bosses and items to navigate, or the minor strategy elements and weapon triangle in Fire Emblem Warriors.)
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User Info: DKunderdog

1 month ago#7
I would be down with that I tried playing original Dynasty Warriors series on steam but couldn’t play because I didn’t have the right controller but I did play couple of the spin off games (One piece warriors 3, Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors) and enjoy them. I would like that very much.

User Info: TheeDeputy

1 month ago#8
That could work ridiculously well. Wow.
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User Info: ThinkingOfYou

1 month ago#9
COKindBud posted...
Please no.

Literally why not.
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User Info: cr14mson

1 month ago#10
Gmaster32 posted...
How about a Marvel Dynasty Warriors game?

Isn't this already..?
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