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  3. Which 4 X-Men will make up the expansion pack?

User Info: Evol

4 weeks ago#11
What I want:

Emma Frost
Jean Grey

What I think we’ll get:

Jean Grey

I wish Colossus and Cyclops were playable in the base game though so they wouldn’t take room in this pack. Outside of these I think Gambit has high chances.

User Info: km1990b

4 weeks ago#12
If we get Jean what would be more likely, Jean as a telekinetic/telepath, Phoenix or a hybrid?

Based on her current push in the comics without the Phoenix it could be a nice change of pace and harken back to XML where Jean was all psi-based aside from her extreme attack. But most games in my opinion tend to focus on the Phoenix aspects more.

So if she ends up being playable through DLC it will be interesting to see which direction they would take her in.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Saeglopur01

4 weeks ago#13
What I want:

Jean Grey

User Info: SpookyOh

4 weeks ago#14
My top 5

Emma Frost - (♥ White Queen outfit, not that weirdo emo black jacket)
Gambit - (♥ HE must have his accent too)
Jubilee - (Before the whole blah blah ima vampire thing)
Iceman - (He is pretty cool ^_^)

The ones I know will make it in...

Jean - Because who doesn't love a train wreck red head who can't control her powers and has a break down every other day. #EmmaIsBetter

Cyclops - Cause they have the model for him

Collosus - Again they have the model
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: jmmiller33

4 weeks ago#15
Only characters with a realistic chance of making it in are probably

- Cyclops
- Jean Grey
- Iceman
- Beast
- Colossus
- Gambit
- Juggernaut
- Cable

Regardless of whether any of these end up in the base roster (which I very much doubt), the DLC pack will be some of these.

I wish they would have Kitty Pryde, but they won’t.

User Info: Cerebral Ninja

Cerebral Ninja
4 weeks ago#16
You are curiously attractive for a fish man.

User Info: richy90

4 weeks ago#17
As long as it contains Cyclops and Phoenix I'll be happy.

By my most wanteds I would like Gambit, Emma Frost or Collosus, but I think we'll get something between Gambit, Collosus, Beast and Iceman.

User Info: The_Ivory_Man

4 weeks ago#18
Cyclops and Colossus are definitely going to be two of the picks.

They already have models and are some of the most popular X-Men.

After that, I would say Rogue and Gambit are the most probable.

Although I would like to see Juggernaut, Cable, Jubilee, Quicksilver, Shadowcat and Iceman make an appearance.

I don't see Legion being playable, he's too difficult to build a character around.
"Just because someone is killed doesn't mean they died" - Shojikan
If Cyclops is in I want him to have this costume:
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User Info: SpookyOh

4 weeks ago#20
+1 to that costume. It looks like the one my Cyclops minion had on Marvel Heroes when I played Emma.
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