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User Info: Fireballs

2 months ago#1
why is she never in these games

User Info: Azztec

2 months ago#2
She was in X-Men Legends 1. And she had an awesome power set in Marvel Heroes.

But I'm down with 'em if they felt like slipping Emma into the roster.
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User Info: jmmiller33

2 months ago#3
Fireballs posted...
why is she never in these games

IMO Emma was great in the first X-Men Legends. She had her diamond power for close range combat, and her telepathy power for controlling crowds. I wish they had not dropped her in XML2 (especially when they kept Xavier as a playable character). I think the reason may be that after XML1, the series got rid of everything except direct combat. The first XML was more like a classic role-playing game, in that some characters were better suited for support or assist, rather than direct fighting. In XML2, MUA, and MUA2, pretty much every character was designed for direct fighting.

I would personally be very much in favor of a return to having multiple character 'classes'. Instead of having all the characters be focused on damage-per-second (either melee damage or ranged damage), what about a "brick wall" character who has invulnerability and just stands in the middle as a punching bag, or a character who specializes in healing his/her teammates, or a character who specializes in force fields (to protect his/her teammates), or a character who specializes in sneaking around (with invisibility or phasing or teleportation), or a character who specializes in debuffs that make enemies less powerful?

Having more than one 'class' of character makes it much more interesting to build a team (and I say this as someone who has never once played a tabletop role-playing game). If every character is either (a) melee or (b) energy beams, there is no variety and it doesn't matter who you pick, because everyone is mostly the same.

User Info: Ragiroth

2 months ago#4

Nah but Emma would be sick.

User Info: White_Queen

2 months ago#5

More Emma Frost. More Telepaths in general. Psylocke has been in both the previous MUA games, but Emma hasn't. Give Emma her turn to shine!!
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User Info: bionicflmer

2 months ago#6
They seem to be shying away from psychic types.
I think Emma should be in. She's been a marvel mainstay for ever.

User Info: Blanconegro45

2 months ago#7
bionicflmer posted...
They seem to be shying away from psychic types.
I think Emma should be in. She's been a marvel mainstay for ever.

Agreed idk why Marvel games shy away from psychics their powers are the most interesting and versatile. I would take Emma, psylocke, or even Jean as long as she’s not too Phoenix focused as she is in most games

User Info: frostyemma

2 months ago#8
I really hope they put Emma frost in she is totally badass

User Info: debonairdarklin

2 months ago#9
...being all snooty and such
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User Info: Darksteelwing

2 months ago#10
I don't think she'll be in, sadly... but I'd be gladly surprised if she is.

Emma was unlucky in that the 10+ years she spent being everywhere in the comics coincided with the decade the X-Men were in the hands of Fox, prompting Marvel to favor the franchises they had full control instead of the X-Men and the F4. The X-Men's presence in games and such declined a lot as a result, and characters that became important during that time like Emma of course suffered the most.

Again, wish I'm wrong, but I don't think she's in.
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