Morpheus was just another part of the machine system

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User Info: Lawless0n3

3 years ago#1
Most have you lot have already had this discussion, but I couldn't help thinking that if the Architect can see into Zion (which he can if you watch closely in Reloaded), then there is obviously more to this entire story than meets the eye.
Morpheus gives Neo loads of different facts and figures about the Matrix too - namely the 25,000 BTU out put thing (which is utter balls) and he is constantly giving it the old double-entendre with his musings and 'she told you exactly what you wanted to hear' malarkey.
The only thing that makes me doubt the theory is his disappointment at the entire thing not being over when Neo returns from the architect - but then that could all just be a ruse, or he is genuinely disappointed as he cannot be re-inserted or whatever, either way, I did a blog about his BTU claims -
check it out on my twitter feed @Lawless0n3 - and let me know your thoughts on whether Morpheus was actually just another part of the system; hopelessly dependent, plugged in and part of the wool that has been pulkled over our eyes to blind us from the truth.

User Info: conduit

3 years ago#2
where does it say the Architect can see into Zion?

and no, Morpheus wasn't part of the system, at least in the way that you mean. though he certainly was useful to the machines in that he helped spread belief in the prohecy and ultimately 'delivered' Neo to the Architect. so in a way he played right into their hands.

but thats as far as it goes imo. in the end Morpheus was just another tool who was blinded by his own faith, his strength came from his conviction, but that conviction was shattered the moment he realised the prophecy was a lie fabricated as part of the machines plan to control the anomaly.

it was Morpheus who had the wool pulled over his eyes more than anyone. when he woke up to this fact it cast doubt on his entire existence. he became a man without purpose.
~we are a part of the process, not instigators of its progress~
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