At the end of Revolutions

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User Info: AidenXD

4 years ago#1
At the end of Revolutions did Neo really die, I believe he did or just lost consciousness from all the power the machines put in his body and also where were the machines taking his body.

Also do you all think Neo could have beaten Smith without the machines help, I don't believe so even if he managed to beat that one there were perhaps millions more just as strong, what do you all think.

User Info: conduit

4 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure he died. I think his body disappears, but if I remember correctly there was more information about that in the Matrix Online game, which I never played.

the Machines didn't help Neo to beat Smith. Neo beat Smith alone. The reason why Neo traveled to the machine city to beat Smith was to bargain with the machines and secure a truce with Zion in return for destroying Smith. Then the machines simply plug Neo back into the Matrix for his final fight with Smith.

as for what happens to Neo's body afterwards, I don't know.

what would have happened if Neo had simply beaten Smith without doing a deal with the Machines?
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